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What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is a delicious drink that you can make however you like! It originated in Taiwan and has now taken the world by storm! You can choose a flavour that suits you here.

What's in a BBT Kit?

You'll get everything that you need to start making delicious Bubble Tea yourself. All kits will come with paper straws as well as all the ingredients you need to start making your own bubble tea, you can also control the sugar and ice levels when yo

Where do your products come from?

All our products come from the home of bubble tea: Taiwan.

Can I have BBT if I'm vegan?

All of our fruit teas, Brown Sugar, Brown Sugar Matcha Milk teas and toppings are vegan. However, our flavoured milk teas are not vegan because they contain a dairy creamer with whey and casein. But, the Matcha and Original milk teas are vegan if you

What are toppings?

Adding different toppings to your drink could help you explore new flavour and texture combos.

Which of the products are Gluten Free?

All of the toppings and fruit teas are gluten free. Our flavoured milk teas aren't gluten free but the Original Milk Tea is gluten free if you swap it out for your own gluten free milk. The tapioca pearls are also gluten free.

Do you have any dairy-free products?

If you're trying to avoid dairy completely, I'd recommend the brown sugar syrup milk tea recipe as it doesn't contain any of the creamer! We don't currently have official Bubble Tea Club dairy-free-based creamers, but you can customise your own teas

Are you Halal?

Unfortunately our products aren't halal as they do use alcohol to clean the production line. I hope this helps! :)

Can I replace the Pearls?

Don’t fancy pearls? You can add a topping to cart here.

Can I adjust the sweetness level?

Yes! You can adjust the fructose level and sweetnes of the drink to your taste. You can customise everything from the teabag steep time to the amount of ice you add until you find you're favourite drink!

How do I get a reusable cup?

They come separately! You can purchase reusable cups here